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Golden Strands features family-style living in a residential setting for seniors and those with special needs who require minimal assistance with their daily living activities.

Basic Services

Accommodation. The resident may occupy and use an identified room. The resident is free to bring personal belongings, provided that he/she complies with the safety rules of the facility. He/she may not make any structural or physical changes to the assigned room.


Meals and snacks. We provide three (3) meals per day, which are included in the Basic Services Rate. Snacks are available as requested.

Activities. We provide wellness programs and organized recreational activities designed to meet the resident’s physical, social and spiritual needs.

Common Areas. Each resident may use the following common areas:


  • Living room and sala

  • Dining room

  • Fully-equipped kitchen (with assistance of caregiver at all times)

  • Covered lanai and garden

The facility is equipped with 24-hour security.

Health and Personal Care Services

Observation. Our trained staff regularly observe the health status of each resident to identify any changes in his/her physical, mental, emotional and social functioning. In the event of an emergency, we will immediately coordinate with emergency medical providers.

Assistance with Daily Living Activities. Our trained staff provide each resident with personal care assistance in grooming, bathing, eating, toileting and other essential activities.

Assistance with Storage and Administration of Medications. Our trained staff assist each resident with the storage and administration of medicines, as needed.

Health Records. Golden Strands maintains updated records on each resident regarding his/her medical and other personal information. Such records and information are confidential and may not be released unless with the consent of the resident or his/her authorized representative, or upon court order.

Excluded services. Except as otherwise expressly stated, the resident is responsible for furnishing or paying for his/her medical care services, including, but not limited to hospital services, doctors’ services, nursing services including skilled nursing facility charges, private duty personnel, medications, vitamins, eye glasses, eye examination, hearing aids, ear examinations, dental work, dental examination, orthopedic appliances, laboratory tests, x-ray services, or any rehabilitative therapies.